XL Product Summary

XL060UA-SB (60watt) XL060UA-DB MODEL (120watt)
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XL140UA-SB (140watt) XL140UA-DB MODEL(280 watt) XL140UA-TB (420watt)
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Key Point:
      Modular method build, High performance, light weight and size
      Simple/easy installation and easy for maintenance
      Advanced "Stamping Heat Dissipation" technology (used on LED TV, 4G Cell and I Pad)
      110~277 VAC
      Utility rebate qualify product.
      Adjustable beam direction: with mounting bracket and or lamp bracket even post install.
      No Hazardous material recycle (Environment friendly product)

LIGHTING: Down light, up-light, side light with adjustable beam direction during and post installation

APPLICATIONS: Wall pack, parking lot, parking garage, manufacturing facility, airline hanger, Harbor security, loading/unloading dock, warehouse, little league ball park,, gas station canopy, canopy, fitness & wellness facility, car dealerships, car auction, wall washer, signage lighting, flag pole, monument lighting canopy light w/mounting plate, and more.

PRODUCT GRADE: Outdoor and Indoor grade, Stand alone and or retrofit Wall pack and flood, Safety and performance requirement certifications

AVALIABLE: Warm white color, milky lens (no eye sensation: 120 d beam angle only)

LIMITED WARRANTY: 5 YEAR UNRC (Under Normal Running Condition)