2x2 Flan Panel Product Summary

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Specification Sheet

Key Point:
      Modulated Product
      Lamp + Attached SMPS (Power Supply)
      110~277 VAC
      Dimmable and multi panel connectable
      Utility rebate qualify product.
      Seamless Frame (fully assembled unit => plug and play)
      Provide solutions to ceiling height concerned area (product height: 3.86 inch)
      Reduces installation time and future maintenance time

LIGHTING: Down light, side light with RESSES Type (T-Type) and Ceiling Mount Type M-Type).

PRODUCT GRADE: Indoor grade, Stand alone and or retrofit 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ lighting, Safety and performance requirement certifications

APPLICATIONS: Offices, Schools, Healthcare facilities, Retail, Department store, Retirement community facilities, Conference Room, Auditorium, Convenient Store, Hallway, Lobby, Bus/Air Terminal, --etc.

LIMITED WARRANTY: 5 YEAR UNRC (Under Normal Running Condition)